Pastor Boyd

Walter Taylor 
Barbara Riley

Cynthia Holt 
Anthony Blacksher

Pat Campbell 
Dawn Covington

Christian Education: Director
Joyce Payne

Christian Education: Board
Bonnie Daily 

Nelda Brown 

Ricky Ware

Tina Johnson

Scholarship Committee
Alicia Dumas-Pace

Jacqueline Jackson

Lawanda Boyd

Lovetta Jones

Evelyn Taylor

Shaneka Newman

Francine Blacksher

Elizabeth Foster 

Church Clerk
Arta Mitchell
Assistants: Mary Irving

*Sunday School Supt.
Sheila Lilley

*Evangelism Director ( 1 )
Jack Clegg

Temple Community Outreach Board
Jack Clegg

Norris Mitchell

Lisa Blacksher

Joyce Payne

Joe Foster

Pastor Douglass


.Ernest Williams

*Missions President
Tatti Turner

*Missions Review Committee   (3 )
Margaret Spencer

Sharna McMillan

Min.Glenda Bates

Veronica Jones

Denise Perry

Joyce Phayne 

Mother’s Board President
Mother Lillie Houston

Women’s Ministry President
Cynthia Alexander Holt 

Men’s Ministry President
Ernest Williams

Deacon Board Chairperson
Myron Lilley

Deaconess Board Chairperson
Thelma Fletcher

Usher Board President
Dawn Covington

*Members of Board of Christian Education

Temple Elected Officers for 2017 - 2018

Temple Missionary Baptist Church